Thursday, April 22, 2010

Where have you been?

Well It has been quite a while since I have posted on my blog. At the end of March I went on a business trip with my husband to St. Louis, I took my laptop with me to work on some logo requests I had. Well when I got to my hotel room and turned the power on I got the black screen of death- far worse than the blue, lol. I tried everything but I couldn't get windows to open. So I sent it out for repair. Well it took FAR too long and the teams waiting for logos were getting kind of impatient. So I went out and got a brand new laptop. A couple weeks later I did get back the old one, complete with a new hard drive but I lost EVERYTHING, all my logos all my clip art, and all of my photos including my kids pictures. So now for my public service announcement: BACK UP YOUR SYSTEM FREQUENTLY, I didn't and learned my lesson. Well the new laptop was great with the exception that my only copy of photoshop was gone, and that opened up a whole new can of worms. Ahhhh, well now I am trying to get everything back in order.

Whats the saying? "what can go wrong will?" This last few weeks have been completely insane. Issues with my boys; one is loosing a tooth, one is teething, and my husband and walking partner has something seriously wrong with his foot and the Dr thinks is gout.  Then over the last couple days I noticed a pain in my back between my shoulder blades but more on the right side. It got worse and worse till it had me in tears and I went to the ER. There was no injury, which I could have told them. Instead the benign lesions on my liver are acting up and I was having referred pain. Which means lucky me I get to go through lots of testing again. I pray everyday that they stay benign, I focus so much on breast cancer, that the c word is always in the back of my mind as a possible issue. Last thing I need now is a cancer scare. But I'm at home with severe pain and nausea with my two young boys, while my husband is out of town for the week.

I have decided to push past my fears and discomfort and work hard on my logos and fundraising. In a way I am hoping karma will roll around in my favor for once. So please keep our family in your prayers too. I will be sure to post updates on the whole liver issue when I know something. I am stuck between a Dr that isn't worried at all, and one that is very concerned...hey guys I'm not a case study or a medical mystery, so please find out whats wrong with me, before it becomes too late to do anything about it.

I love all my 3 day walkers I have had the pleasure of meeting and talking to. Your positive attitudes are exactly what I need right now. I don't mean to post something depressing or unrelated to the 3 day, but I just had some people asking questions, so I hope that sums up everything