Friday, March 12, 2010

I Love Logos

I have to say that I am SHOCKED with the amount of emails I got about creating a logo for their team, event, fundraiser, or buisness. I am honored to make each and every one of them. I hope that people who have them made into shirts, will email me photos of them. Here are a few more logos, and I will have more to post soon.

Take action, become a TWL

TWL - Training walk leader. That is just what I became a few days ago. I never had intensions of leading walks, because I don't consider myself much of a "leader" per say. This is how it happened. The sun is shining in Cleveland and the snow is melting, which probably wont last but I am enjoying it while its here. I went to the 3 Day participant center to look up official training walks to attend, because walking alone is boring and I tend to cut my walks short when i'm alone and bored. A friend keeps me motivated and accountable to the mileage I commit to.

I needed to become a training walk leader out of necessity. I don't drive, in fact neither me or my husband drive. We walk everywhere! To the store, to dinner, to the Dr etc. So I was willing to walk to my training walk, but I was bummed out to find that there were no training walks close enough for me to do that. So after talking with my husband I emailed the coaches about becoming a training walk leader. I attended the phone meeting read the handbook and filed out the paperwork. I was actually a little nervous doing this, because you are responsible for finding a good route and the safety of your walkers. There was just so much to consider. So I scheduled my first official 5 mile walk. I have already walked this before so I know where restrooms and water fountains are located. Its on a smooth all purpose trail in a very scenic park. I hope it goes well and the weather holds out. Who knows I may have many more walks coming soon.

Did you know that training walk leaders serve as safety monitors at the actually 3 Day event? It was news to me. I have to say I am honored...I feel like the 5th grader that was chosen to be a crossing guard for the elementary school. Past 3 Day walkers will tell you, they will do just about anything for stickers and pins. So I was super excited to get a bright orange badge and my training walk leader legacy pin. I encourage other walkers to become training walk leaders, whether you lead 1 or 21 walks. You will meet other walkers, share fundraising ideas, and personal stories. You never know who you will meet.

Friday, March 5, 2010

I am...

I made this design for women that are battling breast cancer or who are breast cancer survivors. The shirt is for sale at It comes in light colored materials with dark lettering and dark colored shirts with light lettering. There is a varity of shirt styles, that you can choose from and customise.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Inspirational song of the week

I Run for Life - By Melissa Etheridge. She wrote this song about her own battle with breast cancer.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm Going Bald for breast cancer

Hello readers. Our team doubled in size from 2 to 4 members overnight. My mom and my sister are going to be walking. So now we need to raise $9.200 as a family. We have raised $2,325 so far, so... I'M GOING BALD FOR BOOBS!  I will shave my head (hopefully live on the news or radio) and keep it completely shaved to the end of the 3 Day in August. The catch is I have to raise the remainder of the $9,200 to help our team. I am contacting local hair salons to see if they would like to host the "event" and I am sending out a press release to local newspapers and news stations to see if they would air the story to spread awareness about breast cancer. So please help me out, donate to the widget here on my page or go to or look at our team page for everyone elses url's. My $2,300 minimum is almost met so please help out my team mates. I will post pictures of the before,durring and after. The sooner I raise the money the sooner this will happen even if it means going bald now to August 1st. 

UPDATE 3-4  The Spa Connection in Berea has put a collection jar at their Salon. The spa connection is also donating products or a gift certificate to our silent auction (date TBA) so thank you SO MUCH Mary!