Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm Going Bald for breast cancer

Hello readers. Our team doubled in size from 2 to 4 members overnight. My mom and my sister are going to be walking. So now we need to raise $9.200 as a family. We have raised $2,325 so far, so... I'M GOING BALD FOR BOOBS!  I will shave my head (hopefully live on the news or radio) and keep it completely shaved to the end of the 3 Day in August. The catch is I have to raise the remainder of the $9,200 to help our team. I am contacting local hair salons to see if they would like to host the "event" and I am sending out a press release to local newspapers and news stations to see if they would air the story to spread awareness about breast cancer. So please help me out, donate to the widget here on my page or go to www.the3day.org/goto/RobertSeifer or look at our team page for everyone elses url's. My $2,300 minimum is almost met so please help out my team mates. I will post pictures of the before,durring and after. The sooner I raise the money the sooner this will happen even if it means going bald now to August 1st. 

UPDATE 3-4  The Spa Connection in Berea has put a collection jar at their Salon. The spa connection is also donating products or a gift certificate to our silent auction (date TBA) so thank you SO MUCH Mary!

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