Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm a nervous wreck

It has been a while since I last wrote. I was not dead, nor did I quit the 3 Day, but my family did experience a crisis that put everything on hold. When I say everything I mean EVERYTHING. I stopped training, and fundraising, I just wanted to focus on my family first. Once things settled down and things started to go back to normal I realised that I wanted to walk more than ever. I started picking up the items I still needed, started walking again, kicked up the cross training (which I continued through everything) and bought my second pair of new balance shoes. I booked the hotel for Thursday night, the host hotel was full so we are staying at their sister hotel down the street.

My mom switched to the crew a few months ago and my husband just recently made the change to Camp logistics. They were in need of strong men that didn't mind hard work and heavy lifting. Which is exactly what my hubby does for a living, so I will be walking alone this year. OK OK I know I'm not actually alone, I'm walking with thousands of other people. I am a naturally shy and I suffer from anxiety so I am overwhelmed and nervous about going without anyone I know. But at least my family/team will be with me at camp.

The closer the event gets the more nervous I become. I'm sure that its only because this is my first walk. I don't know what to expect other than what I have been told, and I am walking without my team now. I find my self stressing about everything. What to pack, what to carry on the walk, will it all fit? Aahhh. when I bought my "waist pack" (yes I refuse to call it a fanny pack) I didn't keep in mind the things I would have to carry other than the drinks. So finding ways for it all to fit as been a challenge. As silly as it may sound the biggest problem I had was sunscreen. I burn really easy, and knowing Cleveland there is a good chance that it will be HOT and sunny...or raining and cold all in the same day. I wear a SPF 90 spray on no rub sunscreen. But the bottle doesn't fit in my pack. So I bought a travel size of lotion, but I realised that I wont have the guts to ask a stranger to rub lotion on my back (I'm wearing a tank top) So I really needed the spray. Go ahead and laugh now. This is all very petty, but to me it was important. So after trying out a lot of other options I found a neoprene beer bottle holder that zips up. So the sunscreen went in there, and clipped onto my pack. But then it was bouncing every step I took. (you can laugh again, I did) So I finally found the armband for my Ipod and strapped it to the pack,still clipped of course. It may look silly but it works. One problem down 50 more to go.
In my pack, is 2 water bottles, sunscreen, bandaids, moleskin (pre-cut), wet wipes, socks, chapstick, bodyglide, camera, 2 extra batteries and my cell phone (poncho and flip flops if it rains- but im not sure where that will fit) I plan on carrying some cash, but that will go with my credentials. Dont forget to use ZIPLOCK bags to put this stuff in. Nothing worse than a wet cell phone or camera...and bandaids dont stick well when soaked.

I am trying to relax, and keep laughing through all this stuff. This is supposed to be fun and I caught myself turning it into something its not. I read the underground guide to the 3 day, that Larry wrote. Which if you haven't read it you need to. He talks all about packing too much. I am trying to carry only what is necessary. I am taking advise from all the veteran walkers. I'm sure I'll be fine if I just relax. :) So when packing take into consideration the forcast for your walk. Carry only what you really need to, and the same goes with your bag at camp. And if you are walking in Cleveland, come find me i'll be looking for someone to walk with :D