Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The 3 Day - Day 2

Day two came, and we were up at 5am. After a quick trip to the oh so wonderful porta-pottys we grabbed a wonderful hot breakfast, changed clothes and filled our water bottles. The route opens at 6:30am and I left at 6:45. The first part of the walk was a quiet zone, which I guess is understandable. After pit stop 1 the cheering began. lots more signs and families passing out treats. Some of the walker stalkers had Starbucks coffee for us. I walked alone this day, and it was nice. It gave me a chance to set my own pace, and I had more opportunities to talk to the other walkers that I passed. Yes I said passed, walking alone I walked so much faster than I did on day 2, by the time I got to lunch it was only like 11am.

I took more time for stretching and foot care. It was overcast all day which was wonderful. At the first cheering station, Monica and Michael were there. Michael was dressed in drag as "Flo" it was hilarious. They brought me more cookies to have at lunch. I refused to use the nasty sunscreen I brought so I made a stop at the first CVS I could find and bought a dry mist sunscreen, which was a 100 times better, I left the bottle of Coppertone sport at the store, it was new but I didn't have room in my pack. I hoped that someone else would find it and take it so it didn't go to waste. I got back on the route and had lunch at Rocky River High school. It started to drizzle but it was short lived and it felt great. Lunch was a chicken sandwich, baby carrots, chips and my cookies.

I was number 149 of 900 at lunch so I was making great time. My mom was at pit stop four and I found out at that point I was walker number 100 woohoo. Its not a race, but I wanted to get back to camp early so I would have more time to see everything I missed the day before. At the last pit stop I found out I was number 89 yikes! but walking that fast came with a price to pay. The outside of my left foot so bad. I took off my shoe and went to the medical tent. There was no swelling at the time or a blister. They said I probably damaged a tendon, so I iced it for a while and promised to walk slower to camp, to avoid being red carded. Which is where you are removed from the route and banned from walking if they think you are too injured or too unhealthy to walk. It happened to a friend of mine in Boston as well as Jenn that I walked with on day 1.

I kept my promise and slowed my pace back to camp. Again I was greeted by the kid crew, the walker stalkers, and the hug lady. I got out of my shoes and switched to flip flops and headed over to the Energizer tent to sit in the massage chair, where I got a chance to go on facebook. I picked up my mail and spent some time in the remembrance tent. I wrote in the journal there about why I walked and wrote a message on Cleveland's tent. I met up with my mom for dinner and a performance by country singer Candy Coburn. Dinner was chicken cacciatore, rice, veggies, salad, breadsticks and a brownie. Candy rocked, and played her song pink warrior.

There is a giant hill at camp that my mom insisted that we walk up to take pictures. I ran up it. Which felt good on my calves so I walked down and ran up again....its a very steep hill. I got some great pictures from up there. Had another shower in the semi, and then listened to a walker named Ed share is story, it was moving and I cried. Jenne the spokesperson for the 3 day, had a demo on how to re-pack your tent, it was cute she had this guy from the crew do it...it was funny to say the least. We took down our decorations and packed our bags leaving out only what we would need in the morning. Then danced at the dance party (yes after 44 miles we dance) I iced my calves and thighs, bandaged my blisters, Then it was lights out.

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