Friday, February 5, 2010

Fundraising is HARD so have FUN with it

This economy is tough. Families and friends are struggling financially. Typically the easy thing to do would be ask to local businesses. But what happens when they have already donated to another walker, or cant afford to help? Well for a week we have been trying to do fundraising the old fashion way. We have asked friends and gone door to door, business to business and to no avail. Of the $4,600 that we need to raise, we have collected $65. So we are trying to think outside the box and get off the well beaten path.

To my fellow walkers, here are my tips to you for the week. Enjoy

Think outside the box. Fundraisers work great, but try something new and bold, walking 60 miles is bold, so reflect it in your fundraisers.

When asking for donations through email, get personal and emotional it will draw people in to what your doing, and you don't sound like a scripted salesman.

Recruit your friends- If they are like some of ours they are broke. Just kidding guys I love you. But if they cant financially give to you, give them some donor forms of yours and have them ask their friends and families.

Have a corporate sponsor t-shirt contest- Ask for businesses to donate, in return have their logo put on a shirt you wear. The company that donates the largest amount gets a large center spot. Wear this shirt one of the day of the walk. Its advertising to them, so what if your a walking billboard.

Start small- remember selling candy bars as a kid, What a great reason to go door to door again. We bought fundraiser candy boxes at GFS and are going to go door to door and sell them for a dollar, hey its not a lot but its something. Tell people why your selling them and keep your forms with you. You never know when that person may want to give more than a dollar.

Kids are cute- 6 times a year I have to assist my son in one of the schools fundraisers. So why not have him tag along occasionally. Who could say no to such a cute face? I'm not kidding, my 5 year old is a ladies man.

Moral of this blog, dare to be different, dare to be bold. Fundraising can be hard, but hang in there and don't loose faith. Learn to have fun with it and people will be more likely to help you out.


  1. I did the 3day last year and the funnest thing that my team did was a PUB CRAWL!

    We went through bars downtown and sold pink ribbons wearing our team tshirts. The bars were all happy to let us do it (we did make sure to speak to an employee/manager before we sold any at each location) and the people in the bars loved it.


  2. I just finshed a Superbowl board, donors paid $10.00 a square for a chance to win $50- $100. In total with extra donations we raised $1,600 in a week, now I will begin an NCAA bracket board. Wish me luck...

  3. I have a question about this walk..Since you have done the walk before. is it 3days non stop over night or u walk 20 miles each day for 3days?


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