Monday, February 22, 2010

Getting Started meetings

I am one of those people, that googled everything. I try to get as much information as possible about everything. I don't like surprises. Now I know that behavior like that is not normal and not always healthy. That being said... My approach to the 3 Day was no different. I have read over walkers blogs, googled the past events in my city and watched countless videos on Youtube. I wanted to know what I was getting in to, before I paid the registration fees. With that done and out of the way I promptly read my online version of the walkers handbook, browsed the forums and read almost every article available on the 3 day site. I felt pretty overwhelmed. Even for me. I got tons of information and some of my questions were answered. But I still needed some things clarified, and some of my fears and concerns to be put to rest. I found the nearest Getting started meeting and sent in my RSVP for my husband and I. So a few weeks ago in one of this years nastiest snow storms we headed out. The turn out was small. We were the only people there that had already registered. But we were welcomed in and we felt like we belonged there. We talked with a woman that had walked more then I thought was humanly possible. She walked in different states in the same year. She even took on fundraising for a friend that could not, each time raising her $2,300 minimum. So that right there was all I really needed to see. She survived the fundraising, she survived the training and she walked in these walks year after year. So if she can stand there and say that she is doing it again. Then it can't be as bad as I feared. She shared her personal experiences. She shared valuable information about the event, that I wasn't able to find on my own. We sat there and watched the 15 minute DVD that I had already watched at home, but it still brought tears to my eyes. In fact it got to me there in the company of strangers. I left the meeting feeling excited. I felt confident. I left feeling inspired. So even if this is not your first walk, go just for the inspiration. You won't regret it.

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